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            “A monkey NFT got sold for millions”, you would have probably heard this. Thought of building your own NFT to get handsome cash must have passed before your head. So, brace yourself, as in this article, we would explain how you can sell 3D NFT art to earn a ridiculously huge amount of money.

How do I make an NFT?

            If you are reading this article, you probably would have known what an NFT is and how the system works. But you must have wondered how you can make your own NFT in order to later be able to sell it. For that purpose, do check this blog on our website where we have illustrated how you can make your own 3D NFT art.

What type of NFTs actually Sell?

            Making NFTs is all good but you might have wondered what kind of NFTs get sold online. The answer is: everything, yes almost everything! Photos, videos, 3D Art, music, and even real-life tokenized items like real estate, stock shares, and racehorses, can be flipped for money.

How to Sell an NFT?

            Now that you have learned how to make a sellable NFT, the question of selling it arises. There are various steps involved in selling an NFT, which has been discussed below:           

     1. Choose an NFT platform or a popular Marketplace

While choosing a marketplace to sell your NFTs, go for the bigger one; the bigger the platform is, the higher is your exposure to sell your artwork. A Marketplace awards you a digital contract in order to be able to sell on their platform. The top platforms for NFTs in descending order are: OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Foundation.

     2. Set Up a Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet

Normally an NFT platform that you choose, suggests their own crypto wallet. Crypto Wallet is used to store and exchange the cryptocurrency so make sure you save its password somewhere, choose a widely used wallet (e.g. Ethereum), and have your credit card linked to the wallet. Major cryptocurrency wallets are CoinBase, Enjin, and Metamask.

     3. Buy Cryptocurrency to “Mint” NFT

The next step is to buy the cryptocurrency in order to start selling an NFT. Ethereum is recommended to be used in this case as it is widely used. You would need around 50$ to 150$ in order to buy cryptocurrency for minting a new NFT

     4. “Create” and “Mint” your own NFT

Click on the “Create” button which has been given in all the platforms mentioned above. Then upload your NFT, add the proper title, description, and tags and mint it. Your NFT is now ready to be sold. Make sure you have the right to sell a thing before you make it an NFT before your name.

     5. Sell your NFT

Now that your NFT is listed on the platforms, you can sell it by clicking the “sell” button on the marketplace. You can choose to sell your art piece for a fixed price or at auction. You can also select the auction to be on the highest bid or at a specific time.

Selling an NFT online is just like selling our art in real life. You have to set it up for a fixed price or auction, then you have to use social media platforms to drive traffic to your NFT, and then you can sell it.

In this article, we have laid down salient features on how you can sell NFTs online. If you want to learn how to create a 3D NFT, you can check our article here. For more updates on the 3D designing world, do subscribe to our newsletter.

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