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Are you a designer or a 3D artist who is looking for reliable ways to protect and sell your work? If yes, then Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) are the way to go!

 What is an NFT?

            NFT is a digital property that contains videos or photos and is based upon blockchain technology. Blockchain technology embodies various blocks of data that are encrypted to protect the bearer’s information. This way it is really hard to steal or forge the ownership of an NFT Art.

NFT 3D Art

            Being a 3D artist, you can create software wallets containing the 3D files that are owned by you. These files can be sold online using NFT art platforms like OpenSea. Since NFTs secure your files, stealing or copying the 3D art becomes nearly impossible. Most selling NFT 3D artworks are futuristic and have sci-fi themes with purple as color palettes, making 3D arts technostalgically aesthetic. People make millions selling 3D NFT cards, animations, and art. Here is how you can make a 3D NFT art yourself!

How to make 3D NFT Art?

     1. Sketch

            The first part of 3D NFT design is sketching the artform that you intend to make. This requires you to have proper dimensions and sketch on some computer-aided graphic (CAD) tool. Sketching is like making a 2D map of a house before building it, so it does require considerable design insight.

     2. 3D Model

            Once the sketch is completed, it can be converted into a 3D model. Making a 3D model from sketches is not a difficult thing in CAD tools if you know the sequence of operations that are needed to be performed.

     3. Texturing

            Then comes the texturing part; in this part of designing a 3D NFT art, you need to understand the material properties of the art piece. Then, using the preferred tool, you can do the texturing by applying appropriate material.

     4. Lightning

As much as important it is to make a sellable 3D NFT art, it is also necessary to have a decent background so that it catches the attention of the potential buyer. This is catered for in the lightning part of designing a 3D NFT art.

     5. Rendering

Now that the 3D NFT model is ready with all the background done, you can start rendering the drawing. This requires computational power from your PC depending upon the complexity of the design. After successful rendering, your 3D NFT art gets ready which can be sold to earn money. You can check our article on how to sell 3D NFT art through (we have to write an article and provide its link here).

            Making a 3D NFT art requires a blend of creativity, knowledge, and skills. As mentioned in this article, there are various steps involved in the process and you have to be the best at everything in order to ensure that your 3D NFT art is sellable. At Broad World Creations, we have a team of highly skilled and creative 3D designers who can make you a perfect 3D NFT art that sells. Do contact us to discuss further on your exciting journey in the blockchain world.

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