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Technological growth in the world of animation has massively gained over the years, from its initial roots from basic 2D animation, to where visual aesthetics, details and functionalities have been inculcated into the world of 3D animation. Used for a plethora of reasons, from gaming, graphic designing, illustrations, cartoons and visual content display in general, animation has existed into the tech world for ages and has been growing with its wide usage over the years.
Not only for leisure purposes, but creative agencies who make use of modelling, videography and renders, animation has been involved with flexible purposes in the professional world, having had heaps of revenues associated with industries who are involved. Here we will take a look into best animation software, that are as followed:

Motion Builder

Used by Autodesk, this software makes use of virtual production with keyframe and virtual production. By creating 3D models, and using animation tools within the software, this works great for video game development as well as videography purposes. Editing features include basic trimming and cut-paste options for a smooth timeline organization of events.

Moreover, animation with motion capture is achieved, for high quality effects and visuals, for users to have a visually pleasing, yet realistic experience. It can be linked with 3ds Max, Mud Box, and Maya for it to be interlinked for syncing project files for more engagement purposes. As it specializes in ‘motion’ as the software indicates, it works best for animation purposes making the best out of 3D modelling involved as well.


Popular for being a free software, Blender is another animation software massively used, prominently for guaranteeing ease of access and being free as well! Used for multiple purposes that include 3D modelling, simulation, rendering as well as video editing, this software enables multiple solutions, for your final project to be used in one software entirely. Moreover, in terms of character building for video, animations or video games, it has plenty of customizable options as well as being jam-packed with effects that can be used for customization based on your preference of the project requirements.


One of the most prominent software that has been used widely for a long period of time, this animation software is highly smooth to use based on its user experience and functionality. Transformation tools as well as floating widgets help you get the best of accessibilities on the features provided as a spinner, moreover, character building options are fast and easy; where detail requirements are manually added for your subjects to shine through. Effects, visuals and animation editing features ensures that Akeytsu is a convenient 3D animation software, moreover as itself is a software developed by animators, they provide you the most relevant features for customization. Moreover, a one-month free trial is a great hands-on experience to learn the fundamentals and be ready for high-scale operations once the full version is acquired which is affordably priced.

Cinema 4D

Prominent for being easy to use, ease of access as well as enhanced functionality, Cinema 4D is dominantly used in the industry. This software not only has excessive animation and character-producing functionalities, moreover, opportunities for environmental and atmospheric enhancements as well through field and space reflections. Moreover, features such as BodyTool help you edit and customize your subjects along the development process. Furthermore, placement tools, kinematics, movement recording, subject and character development are all jam-packed as features for your animation to be visually and aesthetically pleasing. These interactive movement-based features ensure the animation to be highly realistic, which leads to higher quality rendering and output.

Popular for animation films and videography, Clara also specializes in 3D modelling and animation. 3D models can be embedded into websites, and can be customized for interaction for users that enable a realistic experience. The fact that this software is free, engages a higher number of users, mostly animation video and film producers who create and animate on this software for having a convenient UI experience, as keyframes, states are inserted and frames are calculated through interpolation accordingly. Moreover, saving projects in cloud lead to easy sharing for multiple users to exchange data and develop with collaboration, hence widely used.

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