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What is 3D Modelling?

3d Modeling is the process of creating an Object in 3-dimentions within a 3D Software using special tools. 3D Models are made up of edges, polygons, triangular faces, n-gon faces and vertices. 


3d Models can be created either by using solid 3D CAD software(Solidworks, AutoCAD and Catia etc.) Or by means of mesh modeling software(3ds Max, Blender, Maya, C4D and Zbrush etc.)


3d Modeling, 3d product Modeling

How we Work ?

We work by well-defined project deliverables and keep our clients updated along the process.

Our Portfolio

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Car 3d modeling Automotive model
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3D Modeling is the first step of 3d Graphics. With 3d modeling we achieve a basic shape of the Object and product we are targeting. Then, this 3d model is textured and materials are applied on it.

3d Modeling is the backbone for the gaming and Modern Sci-fi film Industries. It has found huge benefits in product and parts prototyping. 3d Models can be 3d printed to get a physical prototype model. Nowadays, 3d printing is being used in Aerospace industry to print out rocket parts.

We started journey in 2019, providing high quality 3D Modeling & Rendering Service.

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